Dear ISES Members & Friends

I wanted to provide you with a society update. Our first ISES regional meeting held in Philadelphia on September 27,2014 was a success. I want to congratulate Dr. Grayson Wheatley for his organization of this event. He is an ISES board member, former fellow and associate of mine at Arizona Heart for ten years. He represented the society at the highest level. With this report of the recent regional meeting success, it seems an appropriate time to update the ISES members on our future plans and also reflect on our past history.

From a small group of vascular surgeons meeting in France to an international multi-specialty society and a scientific journal with an impact factor of 3.590, that is the capsular summary of the International Society for Endovascular Specialists. It is a success story propelled by one of the most respected annual meetings held each year in Phoenix, Arizona named the International Congress on Endovascular Interventions more recently known as iCON. Many of the endovascular techniques and certainly the tools of our trade were first displayed on the giant screen to a packed audience who at times were stunned by the seemingly magic of the live operations. A tradition was established and a format developed which would later be replicated at scientific meetings from continent to continent. ISES can take great pride in its contribution to the evolution of endovascular therapy. We truly lived the glory days of our embryonic specialty.

The world has changed. Indeed at times it seems to be spinning out of control. The ease with which we could develop new techniques and devices has become increasingly hampered by bureaucratic and government controls. Industry, the partners of our ISES organization, are on a rapid migration to establish foot holds in other countries, a process named inversion although some suggest maybe better stated desertion. Much of this is the result of the U.S. government's lack of appreciation for the need to support and not suppress the entrepreneurial spirit which created our success (ex: the FDA imposed taxation on industry when they apply for approval for new technology).

As the world changes, we as a society must also make adjustments perhaps of major proportions. What does this restructuring and realignment mean to ISES, our international society and industry partners? While this could be a time of dismay and disillusionment that would not reflect the breed of our leaders and visionaries. On the contrary we are going to not only review our accomplishments but more over we are going to celebrate our past and explore the future. The annual iCON meeting previously sponsored by the Arizona Heart Foundation will be transitioning this year back to our origin in Paris, France. Consistent with our vision to establish relationships with other meetings and societies, the Executive Committee has authorized this meeting to join our ISES International Ambassador and Past- President, Dr. Jacques Busquet in Paris at the occasion of his meeting; The Endovascular Practice of the Five Continents on May 22-23, 2015.

We wanted to advise you of this change in location and timing, in case you have made any tentative travel arrangements to attend the previously announced iCON meeting in Phoenix in February. Please reserve May 22-23, 2015 on your calendars now and make your plans to join your colleagues from around the world at the ISES Worldwide Celebration Congress in Paris. It will not only be our celebratory meeting for 2015, but one of the several ISES endorsed meetings throughout the world this year under the leadership of our Director of Education, Dr. Zvonko Krajcer. These include: Cracow Vascular Summit, Dubai 4T’s, CICE, and MEET. Stay tuned for more details on these exciting events.

To reach our current and future North American members, in lieu of one 4-day conference in Phoenix, AZ, we plan to put our renewed energy in motion and put feet on the ground to take education on the road. We have four 1-day meetings scheduled in 2015 to cover a variety of important topics and geographic regions, to include:

July 18, 2015 Seattle, WA Venous Disease
Aug, 15, 2015 Atlanta, GA Structural Heart
Sept, 12, 2015 Dallas, TX Peripheral Interventions
Oct 3, 2015 Philadelphia, PA Aortic Interventions

As we prepare for our ISES Worldwide Celebration Congress in Paris on May 22 -23, 2015, I hope that all of our members from around the world will mark their calendars and plan to join the celebration of our past successes and become actively involved with an ISES Members Chapter in your geographic area being established in the near future.

Thank you for your support and continual endorsement of the ISES goals.

See you in Paris!

Edward B. Diethrich, MD
Founder/Chairman, International Society of Endovascular Specialists
Founder/Chairman, Arizona Heart Foundation
Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for your support and continual endorsement of the ISES goals. See you in Paris!

Edward B. Diethrich, MD

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